If individuality in fashion is your thing, you have the same passion as collection Nº2. We are a contemporary vintage onlineshop with carefully selected collections of vintage, secondhand, second season and handmade pieces which are looking forward to find a new beloved home. We believe in preloved fashion, because too many clothes are just used once and thrown away, but you can relove and wear them again. Collection Nº2 is featuring the past by putting the pieces in a modern and unique new context. Our style moves between casual, feminine and masculine, between bold statements and timeless classics. So when you wear it, it‘s the reason you know how to wear it. And the best thing is you do something good for the environment, since these products are already produced and don‘t need any energy consumption for production anymore and there are no valuable raw materials to be wasted.

All images are under the copyright of Karoline Frieda Degering.

for any questions — info@collectionno2.de